Get a custom email with Google G-Suite

The G Suite by Google and PageCloud partnership offers the ability for eligible customers to create a branded e-mail address for your custom domain in addition to other benefits of a G Suite subscription, including Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs and more. Full details on G Suite can be found here.

PageCloud customers on an annual subscription will receive 1 free year of a G Suite subscription. 


- You must be on an annual PageCloud subscription 

- You must have a custom domain attached to your site

- You must currently reside in a supported country

- You do not have an existing G Suite account attached to the domain you are using


All annual PageCloud customers receive 1 free year of G Suite as part of their annual subscription. Subsequent years of your G Suite subscription will be charged annually at $50USD. 

Additional email addresses can be purchased for $50USD annually as well.

Getting Started

Ensure that you have your custom domain properly setup with your site. You can check out our article here for help in getting your custom domain attached properly.

Once that's done, navigate to the Site Settings for the site you are adding email to and click on the Email tab

Account Creation

In the Email tab, you will see an overview of some of the many benefits of a G Suite subscription, and will also have a link directing you to proceed with creating your G Suite account. The majority of the fields will be pre-generated here for you, based on the information we have, however you are free to change them if you'd like. 

The account creation page will also have you choose the new email address you would like to create for your custom domain. It is important to note that this will become the administrator email address for your G Suite account as well. 

At the bottom, you will see another alternative email address field which Google require's incase they need to get a hold of you.

Once all fields have been filled in, you may hit Next to continue

Account Confirmation

The following page will let you confirm the details of your account by ensuring the new email address, and the admin contact are correct and will have you agree to the terms of conditions regarding auto renewal of your G Suite subscription. Once you've verified that they are correct, you may click 'Complete Set-up'

Account Completion

In order to complete the account setup, we will be sending you over to Google to agree to their terms of service and login for the first time. An email will also be sent to the alternate email address you provided incase you'd like to do this step later. Click 'Next' in order to continue to Google.

Once you reach, you will be asked to login to the new account and proceed with accepting the terms and conditions. After these have been accepted, you will be directed to your Google Admin Console.

Completing your GMAIL setup

There are a number of things that need to be completed in order to be able to use your newly created email address. When you are within your Google Admin Console , you can follow the prompts at the top of the page to complete the setup. The first part will be Google Verification which we handle automatically for you as part of our integration. This process is typically very quick, but can sometimes take up to 48 hours to complete. 

Once the domain is verified, Google will walk you through setting up your Mx records through your domain registrar to successfully point your domain to Google's Mail Servers. You can follow the guide through the Admin Console setup, or see below for a link to the instructions.

Mx Records Setup

In order to start using your newly created email address, you will need to instruct your domain registrar to point your custom domain to Google's Mail Servers. Google has prepared a full guide on how to adjust your domain's Mx Records based on the domain registrar that you use. You can navigate to their list here and follow the guide that is specific to your domain registrar. 

You will notice that if you visit the email tab again on PageCloud, we will provide insight into whether or not your Mx Records are properly setup by providing you with the correct value, and show you what yours are currently set to. This is a great way to detect whether or not they are working.

Start Emailing

Congratulations! You should now be ready to login to your GMAIL account over at so you can start sending and receiving emails. If you ever need to access your Google Admin Console again, you can do so by visiting the email tab where we will provide a link for you.

You will also now have access to the rest of the G Suite apps available at


If any questions come up, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at so we can assist further!

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