New Articles

  1. Supported Payment Gateways

    Payment Processors In order to accept payments through your online store, you will need to choose and connect a payment processor. The most popular payment processors include Paypal , Square , and Stripe . Here is a list of all supported payme...
  2. Apply an Aspect ratio

    Aspect ratios apply a defined width and height ratio to the selected object. A good example is your TV: a modern TV screen is a 16:9 ratio.  A square is a 1:1 ratio where the width and height are equal. The first number in a ratio represents t...
  3. Add a list of blog posts to your page

    You can add a widget to any page on your website to display your blog posts in a list or grid view. Your blog cards will update as you continue to publish and edit posts!  Check out this article to learn how to create your blog . Note:&nbs...
  4. Guide to updating your Pagecloud site!

    Over the years, the Pagecloud platform has evolved to suit the growing needs of the internet and our users. We want your Pagecloud site to be the best it can be, and help you succeed online!  If you have not re-designed or expanded your site i...
  5. Animate objects on your page

    Animate objects on your page using Pagecloud animations
  6. Buy Button and Product Widget

    If you have a premium plan with e-commerce, you can add a Buy button or Product widget to any of your Pagecloud pages. You may want to use these to create a custom product page, listing of products, or even add a product or two to your social...
  7. Pagecloud Start: Creating a free one page website

    Learn how to get started on your Pagecloud website using Pagecloud Start! Pagecloud Start is our free plan that allows you to publish a one page website.
  8. Import Customer List

    How to import customers to your Pagecloud e-commerce store
  9. Pagecloud e-commerce

    Pagecloud e-commerce gives you the power to easily sell your products and services through your Pagecloud site. Effortlessly assemble your online store for desktop and mobile. Design your store with Pagecloud’s fully integrated e-commerce plat...
  10. How to Sell Gift Cards Online with GiftUp!

    GiftUp is the simplest way to sell your gift cards online. You can easily add GiftUp to your Pagecloud site.