Turn an image into a cool link

You can create mouseover buttons to use for navigation.  In the following example, two images have been used to create a navigation button where the second image is simply a modified version of the first image with a red hue.  When the mouse hovers over the first image, the second red hue image displays.   The red hue image is linked to another page which activates when you click while hovering.   Here is a demonstration:

How to implement this effect:

  • Pick two images, and set a hyperlink on the image you want to display during mouseover
  • Join the images together as a navigation button using the same procedure as a dropdown menu - read about it here.   The static display image for your button would be the "activation button" in the dropdown instructions and the second image with your hyperlink would correspond to the "menu" in the dropdown instructions.
  • Once you have created your navigation button, you can resize it and move it to where you want on your page.

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