Get a knowledge base for your site with knowledge Owl

Knowledge Owl is a knowledge base that allows you to build up support documents for your visitors to browse through. This can be especially handy if your site provides a service that may see people asking the same questions multiple times, or if you want to organize different content for your visitors to explore. You can use the Knowledge Owl embed code to have an interactive widget that your visitors can use to search the knowledge base that you’ve created. 

To add KnowledgeOwl to your PageCloud site, head to Knowledge Owl and copy the embed code they provide. 

Next, head to the pages you'd like the widget to appear on and paste the embed code using the CMD+V (on Mac) or CTRL+V (on Windows) shortcut keys.

A box will appear on the bottom center of the page letting you know an external script has been added. 

Hit the Save button or use CMD+S (on Mac) or CTRL+S (on Windows) to save the code to your Page. 

View Live to see your Knowledge Owl wiget appear in the bottom Left corner of your page.

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