Add a hamburger menu to your mobile mode

This guide describes how to create a simple "hamburger" menu which refers to a commonly found icon composed of 3 horizonal lines.  

This type of menu is often found on mobile sites to efficiently use the smaller display area while providing full navigation capability.  A hamburger menu is really just a dropdown menu where the activation button is in the shape of the the 3-line hamburger.   

In order to build this type of menu, first download the following files depending on what color you would like your hamburger icon to be, either white or black.



Unzip the hamburger image file and then use it as your activation button in a Dropdown Menu.  See our Dropdown menu article here

Pro tip:   If you want to use a conventional navigation bar in your desktop view and a hamburger dropdown menu in your mobile view, you can use "Hide" in the ARRANGE tab to hide the hamburger in your desktop view and also hide the desktop navigation bar in your mobile view.

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