Setting an image to be a fixed background

One cool effect in modern web design is having a background image remain "fixed" in place as the rest of the page scrolls. 

You can do this in PageCloud by first selecting an image and turning it into a background image through the Properties tab in the editing palette. 

Next, You can activate the Fixed background image effect by checking the box beside the effect name. 

You can adjust the  different options in how you'd like the fixed image to be displayed including:

Position: where the image will be located in its fixed position. In the example we've moved the position to "Top- Right"

Repeat: If you want the image to be repeated (tiled) in the vertical, hozitonal, or both orientations. To have the image repeat you would simply drag the image box by the amount you'd like it repeated. In this example we set the repeat to "No Repeat"

Size: Here you can adjust how the size and aspect ratio will appear in your Background image. We used "Auto(Stetched)" for our example. 

Once you're done, hit Save and View Live to see it in action. 

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