Adding custom fonts through Adobe Typekit

Adobe Typekit gives you access to the Typekit font library of over 1,100 fonts which you can include directly on your PageCloud site. The huge range of font options available will be sure to give your site the special touch of uniqueness to help get your message across.

To add Adobe TypeKit Fonts, start by going to and create a new account.  

Next, create a new Kit to store the fonts you'd like to use in your site. 

Here you can name your Kit and attach the domains which you'd like the fonts to appear. Be sure to enter in * as well as your custom domain to allow the font to show up in both the editing mode and when viewing live on your custom domain. 

Next, browse through the fonts and add the different ones you'd like to use on your site into the Kit you've created.

Once you have all the fonts you'd like to use in a kit you can then hit publish (located in the lower right of the screen) to push embed the fonts into your site.

You can now click Embed Code in the top right of the screen. Click Advanced and then copy that embed code for your kit.

Copy the embed code provided by Adobe, and paste directly onto your PageCloud site.

A popup will appear on the bottom of your PageCloud page letting you know a new font has been added. 

Now that the fonts have been added to your PageCloud site you will be able to see them in the text editor under the font selector. 

It is important to note that you will need to include the embed script Adobe provides on all of the pages you'd like the TypeKit font to appear on.

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