General Troubleshooting

Based on common problems we've seen, here is a short list of quick and easy actions you can try if PageCloud does not seem to be working properly.   

Refresh your browser

If you notice PageCloud running slowly or stalling, a quick refresh of the browser will often fix this issue.   For example in the Chrome browser on a Mac, you would click here:

Reset your browser's cache 

Browsers will store website information to help ensure loads are done quickly. This, however, can sometimes mean that your browser is loading old content that is now out of date. Resetting your browser's cache can help solve common problems related to caching.

   Windows: CTRL+F5

   Mac: Command+Shift+R (Chrome and Firefox) or Command+Option+E (Safari)

Try a different browser

Browser extensions and plugins, while convenient for some things, can sometimes cause ill affects on other areas. To help see where certain issues may lie, we can recommend trying a different browser temporarily to see if you're still experiencing the same issue there.

Check file names and file sizes for your image files

Images or other files being brought into your pages can behave unpredictably, especially if they're not setup properly for the web. If your images/files have names contain any special characters such as !@#$%^&*() in their file name, this can sometimes lead to problems with them disappearing, or causing errors.  If you rename them and then bring them back into PageCloud, this can help solve those issues.

File sizes are also important as the larger files take longer to load. If your image files are large, they can cause the PageCloud editor to slow down.   We recommend making file sizes as small as possible without affecting the quality you want.   For images we suggest keeping your file sizes under 1MB per image and the smaller they are the faster they will load.   

File size and naming can also impact the saving of your pages.

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