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Smart Layouts are a collection of functionality added to PageCloud Sections. Smart Layouts allow for multiple Section layout options that can provide a large range of design flexibility to your website. 

To Learn more about working with Smart Layouts, Visit our Smart Layouts article here

Frequently Ask Questions about Smart Layouts

1. How do I upgrade my site to use Smart Layouts? 

Smart Layouts can be activated on a page-by-page basis. You can click the "Enable Smart Layouts" banner in the top of your edit page, or head to the "Layout" tab in the editing menu. 

2. Do I need to upgrade my pages to Smart Layouts?

No. During the public beta you will not need to upgrade your pages to Smart Layouts. 

3. Can I continue to use PageCloud as I always have after upgrading to Smart Layouts?

Yes, To continue using PageCloud as you always have with Smart Layouts, You can keep each Section in the 1 column Manual Layout. This allows you to continue to use PageCloud as you always have. 

4. What are Columns?

Columns are the vertical containers within a Smart Layout Section. Each Smart Layout Section has at least one column, up to a maximum of three Columns. Columns can be set up in either Manual Layout (Traditional PageCloud editing) or Auto Layout ( responsive ) to give you a huge range of editing flexibility.

4. What is the difference between Manual Layout and Auto Layout Columns?

Manual Layout Columns allow for the freeform placement of objects. This is similar to how PageCloud has always worked. 

Auto Layout Columns are more restrictive in the placement of objects to allow for responsive features and less repositioning of content in mobile mode. 

5. Can I use both Manual and Auto layout Columns in the same Smart Layout Section?

Yes. You can have columns with different layout options in a Smart Layout Section. Some features  (such as ....) will only be available when all columns in a Smart Layout Section are set to Auto layout.

6. Can I layer content on-top of one another in an Auto Column layout? 

No. Auto columns do not have the ability to layer content at this time. You can set the Section Background as well as the Column background color or image.

7. What happens to my mobile layout when converting a Section to Smart Layouts?

You can still access and refine mobile mode with Smart Layouts. With Columns set to Manual Layout, Mobile mode will behave as it always has in PageCloud. For Columns set to Auto Layout, Mobile mode will automatically scale your content to fit. From there you can still fine tune the mobile experience. 

Note: You will need to publish mobile mode for pages to display the mobile specific edits. 

8. Are there recommended steps to upgrade pages to Smart Layouts?

We would recommend this approach to upgrading pages to Smart Layouts: 

Before upgrading to Smart Layouts

  1. Ensure your pages take advantage of Sections
  2. Break up page content into as many Sections as your design allows. This provides granular control of page content and makes converting to Smart Layout Columns easier. 
  3. If you want to experiment with Smart Layouts on your live site, Consider duplicating pages (or duplicating the whole site) to take the pressure off. 

Upgrading a page to Smart Layouts

  1. Upgrade one page at a time to Smart Layouts. Steps found here.
  2. When upgraded, Sections will be converted to one Column Manual Layouts.
  3. Add Additional columns based on your site content and layout. 
  4. Move content objects into the different columns. 
  5. Change Column from Manual Layout to Auto Layout to take advantage of responsive features. 
  6. Adjust content within Columns. 
  7. Once you are happy with a Section's design. Open mobile mode to confirm and adjust content if needed.
  8. Repeat the process for each Section in a page, then each page of a site.

Tip: Save your work often. View live to preview changes and interact with the page on a live web browser.

Switching live site (Optional) 

If you chose to duplicate your whole site to upgrade to Smart Layouts,  You may want to switch your custom domain to your new Smart Layouts enabled site. 

  1. Disconnect the custom domain from your current live site. 
  2. Un-publish your current live site. 
  3. Publish your new Smart Layout enabled site.
  4. Attach custom domain to your new site. 
  5. Your new site will now be using your custom domain. 

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