Add a MailChimp Popup Form

This guide shows how to include a MailChimp popup signup form on your PageCloud site.   MailChimp provides the following writeup to cover building the form itself through your MailChimp account.

  1. Once you have built the form, you will be presented with the embed code for it.
  2. Make sure you hit the "Publish" button on MailChimp's end to ensure your form will work.
  3. Copy this code and navigate to your PageCloud page in edit mode and hit CTRL+V (for Windows) or Command+V (for Mac) to paste it directly onto your page. It will automatically add the code to your site in the proper location.
  4. Typically once a MailChimp form has popped up, that will get saved to the viewer's cookies so it will not popup again until their cookies reset. This is expected behaviour so have no fear if the popup doesn't appear each time you view your page.
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