Adding an Ecwid Product Browser to your page

Ecwid's Product browser is the backbone of your ecwid e-commerce solution. It allows you to embed your store right onto your Pagecloud site so visitors can see and purcahse the different products you are offering. 

You can easily add your ecwid product browser to your PageCloud site. 

To start, head to your Ecwid Dashboard and navigate to the 'Create Store' section. 

You will then want to Click "Other Platform" which will bring you to the different embed options Ecwid provides.

Here you will find the Product browser tab to embed the Product browser to your site. 

You can select the embed code within the Product Browser tab and copy it using the CMD+C (on mac) or CTRL+C (on Windows) shortcut. 

Next, navigate to your PageCloud site and paste the embed code on your page. 

A box will appear on your page that appears empty. Don't worry, when viewed live it will all be there. 

Click Save and View Live to see your ecwid product browser in action. 

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