Add a dropdown menu to your page

You're looking to create a drop down menu to organize links on your site. You've come to the right place. 

Downloading the drop down file

Click the file below to download the drop down action file.

Unzip the downloaded file creating a file called "dropdownmaster.action.js"

Creating the drop down menu on your page

  1.  Select the object or text you want to activate your dropdown menu. When clicked in live view this will open the dropdown menu. 
    - With the object or text selected, head to the "Link" tab in the editing menu and select "Enable Link". 
    Note: Do not set a destination after selecting "Enable Link". 
  2. Create each link you'd like to include in the drop down menu. 
    For each link, be sure to give it a destination through the "Link" tab in the editing menu
  3. Group all those links together. 
  4. Select the new group and holding the shift key, select the object or text from step 1. 
  5. With those selected, drag and drop the dropdownmaster.action.js file onto the page. 
    The group and trigger are now together in drop down menu group. 
  6. Click save and view live to play with your new dropdown menu!

Advanced Options

Now that your dropdown menu is set up, You may choose to change how it acts on your live site. 

Select the dropdown menu in edit mode and click the J then S key to open up the JavaScript editor.  

Change trigger from 'hover' to 'click'  to have your menu only open when clicked. 

Change transition to 'fade' or 'slide' to have the menu fade or slide in when clicked.

Change speed from 250 to a larger number to slow down the animation. Change speed to a smaller number to speed up the animation of the drop down menu.

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