Make an image popup when hovering over an object

One way to display images in Pagecloud is using a hover/mousover effect.  Here is an example of what this display effect looks like:

 How to implement this effect:

  • For each image you want to display you would create a thumbnail by dragging the image corner inward to the thumbnail size you want.
  • Then copy and paste the same image to create a duplicate
  • drag the corner of the duplicate image outward to the display size you want
  • Join the thumbnail to the display image using the same procedure as a dropdown menu - read about it here.   For a display image, the thumbnail would be the "activation button" and the display image would correspond to the "menu"

Pro tip:    If you are building a few of these display images on the same page, your editing page will get quite busy.   It is easiest to build each display image in a separate area of your editing screen lower down so that you are only working with the thumbnail and the display image.   Once you have joined them, they become grouped and you can drag them up to where you want them to display.  

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