Make an image popup when hovering over an object

Create a mouseover effect with images.

  1. Add two images to your page.
  2. Choose an image that you want your visitors to see first. 
  3. With this first image, go to the “Link” tab in the editing menu.
  4. Click “Create a Link" without selecting a destination.
  5. While this first image is still selected, hold “Shift” on your keyboard and click on the second image.
  6. Drag the drop down file on to the page. Found Here if you don't already have it. 
  7. If successfully added, a message “ Run Action : Dropdownmaster” will appear at the bottom center of your page.
  8. With both of these images now highlighted in a group, use your keyboard and type “js” without the quotation marks. 
  9. You will then see the image below.
  10. In step 6 of the JavaScript, change the trigger from ‘click’ to ‘hover’. It will then look like this.
  11. Click on “Save & Close” at the top right of this window. 
  12. Click “Save” and “View Live” to see your cool link in effect. 

You can change the positioning of the second image without having to undo the cool link. Click on only the second image and drag to where you want this to appear.

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