1&1 custom domain guide

If you have purchased a domain name from 1&1, the following instructions will show you how to configure the admin settings to point your domain name to your PageCloud website.

Step 1:  Log in to 1&1.com

After logging into the Control Panel for your custom domain at 1&1, click "Manage Domain" as follows which will bring you to the 1&1 Domain Center

Next, click on your domain name.  In this example we will be using the domain name:  PageCloudtest6.com

Step 2:  Set up forwarding

Under 'Domain settings' visible in the right hand side of our example above, click 'Edit Destination' .

This will bring you to a page where you can select the destination for a 'Redirect'.

In the Redirect Settings window below,  you can then put in the redirect destination using our example below as the framework:

Make sure that you put in 'www.' followed by your custom domain name, and then select 'HTTP redirect'

Click 'Save'

Step 3:  Create a www Subdomain

This step will detail creating a  'www' subdomain. If you already have a  'www' subdomain, skip to step 4. 

Back in the Domain Center, you will now select your domain again, and this time, click on 'Edit Domain Settings' 

Scroll down to the Subdomain Oberview section, and clik 'Create Subdomain'

In the next screen, type in www in the input box and then click 'Create Subdomain'

Step 4:  Create a CNAME record

Navigate back to the Subdomain Overview screen, and click the arrow to the right side of your newly created www subdomain. You should then see the following:

Click 'Edit DNS Settings'

In the next screen, select the CNAME option under the A/AAA and CNAME Records heading, and type in the following within the alias field:


Then check the box below it and click 'Save'

A confirmation prompt will appear - click 'Okay'

Congratulations!   You have completed the set up for your custom domain to point to your PageCloud website on 1&1's end. 

If you have not already added the custom domain within your PageCloud Dashboard, you can do so now.

In your PageCloud dashboard, click on the PageCloud site you want to connect to your custom domain to which will bring you into your Site Dashboard

Click on the 'Custom Domain' tab

Now enter the name of your custom domain within the 'I already have a domain' field and then click Connect

Congratulations!  You have now told PageCloud to watch for incoming traffic for your domain and route it to your PageCloud site.

Once both of these steps are done, you will just need to wait for your DNS settings to propagate around the world. This process can typically take around 2 hours, however it might take up to 48 hours for your changes to be active.

In practice it can take some time for all the DNS changes to propagate through the entire public Internet, so if your domain name does not appear to be working, you may have to be patient.  

Once the settings have propagated, you will be able to navigate to your website through your custom domain.

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